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CME Corporation was established in 1972 and has always been headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

CME is a merit shop design-builder, general contractor, and construction management firm of over 60 individuals – including front office and field staff. CME Corporation is owned by:


Ryan D. Hellinger (President)

Our professional experience is focused on new construction, renovation, and maintenance projects for customers in the following areas:


CME Corporation operates with the belief in honesty, integrity, and hard work.

With over 48 years in business, CME has earned the loyalty of dozens of customers, both large and small.

Listening to our valued customers, paying attention to detail, and producing a quality product with excellent service at a competitive price are the reasons why approximately 80% of CME’s projects are repeat engagements with past or current customers.

Mark Hellinger's Dad's restored table saw
Mark Hellinger's Dad's restored table saw
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