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What makes CME different?  Total Commitment.

We bring the integrated project delivery process in on day one. Your initial project meeting will include a project manager, estimator and project designer. Projects are developed based on design function, time and cost, so we bring you the team to cover all aspects from start to finish and create the strongest possible foundation for your project.


Our team will prepare a custom-tailored service package based on the needs of your project. Large or small, regardless of type, we will apply the most efficient, cost effective and productive plan to fit your project. Our flexible structure and industry alliances allow us to deliver the best solutions for your project.

You can start your project by calling us at: 260.745.0251 or by filling out the short form below.

We thank you for your interest in CME!


Ground Breaking -start your Design-Build

Thank you for your interest in working with CME. We will contact you shortly. Have a great day.

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