To:                   All CME Corporation Customers and Business Partners

From:              CME Corporation

Date:               March 27, 2020

Subject:          CME Corporations Business Status


With information changing by the minute we wanted to reach out to all of you and give you a quick update:


CME Corporation is well positioned to work through the  COVID 19 pandemic. Our robust infrastructure allows use of the latest technology to maintain  fluid operations as an Essential Service Provider for all of our current and future customers. The CME Office remains open and is being staffed by a few team members while we have deployed the remaining staff to their homes. Our team can receive phone calls, continue to work on projects and are capable of video conferencing using collaborative software. Our current commitment and mission are to serve our customers at the same level they’ve come to expect. Together we will get through this national crisis and look forward to building a better tomorrow.





Ryan D. Hellinger