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CME's design team has performed planning and design services for over $460 million of successfully constructed projects and is committed to following our driven approach to continuous improvement in service, quality and efficiency.

CME is different than most design-build organizations due to our internal licensed design staff. This gives us the ability to truly evaluate the best services for your project. To us it’s all about flexibility and putting our clients’ needs first. ​

When providing internal IPD (integrated project delivery) our approach to design is unique, making design changes in real time while meeting with our clients in person or online as needed. This allows you to see how changes impact the project at that moment. No more redlining drawings and waiting weeks to see revisions. Our single point structure also reduces overhead and unnecessary delays. ​

To achieve this we utilize proprietary internal systems as well as industry leading design, visualization and construction software to allow you the best possible understanding of the end product before its built.

Projects in this portfolio include CME internal design build projects as well as the design projects our design team has done in years prior to CME.  Click on individual projects to learn more about them and see individual project credits.

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