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CME Construction 

Designs and Builds Excellence.

CME Construction has been in business for over 50 years, and has built a reputation for honesty and integrity. From our start in 1972 until today, CME continues to complete projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, but one thing CME has never changed is our sense of commitment and respect for our team, our work and our customers.


Our flexible approach has allowed us to perform projects from smaller than one thousand square feet to well over one half million square feet and from a few thousand dollars to well over one hundred million dollars in value.


We carefully plan and constantly evolve in order to build CME into a sustainable 100+ year company. In line with this philosophy, all decisions are crafted to offer a win-win scenario for all parties. For CME to win at the expense of a valued customer or associate is not an acceptable position, and does not contribute to long term success.

Our core values serve as the foundation of CME Construction's culture. These values guide our actions and help to make us a special company and an exceptional place to work.  Our core values are the standards we live by every day.  CME constantly builds upon a deep-rooted commitment to insuring sustainable, profitable growth by following our core values:

     Safety • Integrity • Continuous Improvement

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